A Blogger For Christ

I began my journey to hear from God directly when I was in college. I’d loved Jesus and been a Christian my whole life, but my new friends seemed to be more in tune with Him than I was. They, at such a young age, claimed to actually hear and receive direction from God! I struggled with the concept of God answering directly and did not believe that I would be able to have discernment in a case where He did answer. So, I was seriously baffled and a bit skeptical about what they might be hearing. Yes, I was a “Doubting Thomas”. But, stronger than my doubt was my curiosity. I wanted to hear what they heard and to have the depth of relationship that they had with God. So, I went in search of the voice that answers prayer. I didn’t know it then, but I was in search of a deeper faith of my own, one that wasn’t my mother’s, or my grandmother’s, or my many aunts’. I delved into membership at a new church near campus, Sunday school and all. I asked the preacher to pray for me and began living as one set apart with the expectation of experiencing God’s wonders. Of course, my journey wasn’t perfect. Along the way, I hit a few small snags and had one MAJOR pitfall (a test which I failed miserably), and I still have the bruises to show for it. But, God’s grace is sufficient, and I thank God that I had His Word to comfort me in my time of need. It was in that time that I began to diligently and desperately search God’s Word for answers, and it was only then that I heard Him clearly in the reading of His Word. He not only answered me, but He showed me who He was and who I was. In my pain, God revealed to me His sovereignty and the beauty of His marvelous Will. I have been so blessed since then, and my only passion and desire is to spread the Word of God that someone else might hear Him and be blessed also.

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