Welcome to Seeking the Voice of God


Welcome to Seeking the Voice of God, a site where God’s voice can be heard through the study of His Divine Word. This is a site birthed from and filled with the love of God and His Word. You are welcome to explore His love for you and get to know or refresh your understanding of the Word of God.

On A Mission to Hear from God

God does have a voice and He does still speak to us today. Those who have heard Him may say that He speaks with a whisper of the wind through trees, or in the peace of silence; others may say that His voice comes as a loud thunder or a roaring stream. God’s voice can be heard through many channels; in nature, in the loving advice of family or friends, or even from a perfect stranger. Whatever the medium, the true voice of God is found in the Word of God, whether it is spoken or read silently. It is the mission of Seeking the Voice of God to spread the Word of God and the True message of the Gospel that the voice of God may be revealed to all.

A Blogger for Christ

I began my journey to hear from God directly when I was in college. I’d loved Jesus and been a Christian my whole life, but my nIMG-2836ew friends seemed to be more in tune with Him than I was. They, at such a young age, claimed to actually hear and receive direction from God! I struggled with the concept of God answering directly and did not believe that I would be able to have discernment in a case where He did answer. So, I was seriously baffled and a bit skeptical about what they might be hearing. Yes, I was a “Doubting Thomas”. But, stronger than my doubt was my curiosity. I wanted to hear what they heard and to have the depth of relationship that they had with God. So, I went in search of the voice that answers prayer. I didn’t know it then, but I was in search of a deeper faith of my own, one that wasn’t my mother’s, or my grandmother’s, or my many aunts’. I delved into membership at a new church near campus, Sunday school and all. I asked the preacher to pray for me and began living as one set apart with the expectation of experiencing God’s wonders. Of course, my journey wasn’t perfect. Along the way, I hit a few small snags and had one MAJOR pitfall (a test which I failed miserably), and I still have the bruises to show for it. But, God’s grace is sufficient, and I thank God that I had His Word to comfort me in my time of need. It was in that time that I began to diligently and desperately search God’s Word for answers, and it was only then that I heard Him clearly in the reading of His Word. He not only answered me, but He showed me who He was and who I was. In my pain, God revealed to me His sovereignty and the beauty of His marvelous Will. I have been so blessed since then, and my only passion and desire is to spread the Word of God that someone else might hear Him and be blessed also.